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Are you looking for a reliable partner to share your dev
team with?

We offer body leasing for whole dev teams!

What you get by using Bench as a software house?

The whole team or just one dev on the new project in no time

Perfect match due to the machine learning algorithm.

No extra paperwork - we take care of everything.


Contact us and let’s discuss the details!

Try Bench!
Radosław CEO of Applover

Why trust Bench?

Bench was created by Applover, a full-stack digital agency from the city of a hundred bridges. Our DNA is work on technologies for the most dynamic and recognizable start-ups on the domestic and global market. We started in 2016 as a group of 5 friends and technology enthusiasts, and currently, we operate as a group of 50 friends. Since then we developed more than 180 projects. Applover was recognized by Deloitte as a rising star in the CEE region in 2019.

We have experience in outsourcing IT and we wanted to translate them into the best possible solution for our clients.We share some of our insights on outsourcing in the report “The state of outsourcing services in the post-pandemic landscape”. With almost 5 years of work experience in the IT field, we believe we can deliver the best possible solutions and match you with the perfect team using what we love the most – technology.

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